Appellate Practice

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Appellate Practice
Appellate Lawyers in Fayetteville, AR

Not all cases are won or lost at trial. The appellate practice attorneys at Taylor Law Partners, LLP have extensive experience advocating for clients in the state and federal civil appeals courts. Our attorneys have experience practicing before the Arkansas Court of Appeals, Arkansas Supreme Court, and United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.

The appeal process in Arkansas is complex and having the right attorneys on your side is important. There are several common mistakes, such as the Rule 54(b) finality trap, that can lead to the court not hearing an appeal. Furthermore, there are numerous strict regulations, rules, and deadlines while going through the appeal process. The appellate practice attorneys at Taylor Law Partners have the ability to successfully navigate through these pitfalls and present the client's appeal effectively, as a result of their courtroom experience.

Experienced Appellate Attorneys

We understand the unique rules and procedures of the civil and criminal appellate courts and have the skill and resources to develop and present persuasive arguments. One way our attorneys create strong appellate arguments for clients comes with legal research through our vast legal research database. At Taylor Law Partners, the attorneys have years of experience in conducting legal research and utilizing this powerful tool to construct strong arguments in the courtroom.
For assistance appealing an adverse ruling, or defending a favorable one, contact Taylor Law Partners, LLP attorneys:
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